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Listing is for 1 tuber/plant. The Brick Hill Plant Lab decides what to share based on our available tubers - it could be any of the varieties we have listed to sale or for share! Option to purchase 5 is even cheaper (see other listing for 5)! I am extemely detail-oriented on keeping the Plant Lab Dahlias labeled to maintain their identities, but Plant Lab Artist's Choice may include a "mystery" tuber. All tubers will be labeled, even if I'm not exactly certain which it might be. 

If you are local to the Baltimore area, I pot up Brick Hill Plant Lab dahlias early to get a head-start on the growing season. These potted-up healthily growing plants will be ready for your pickup or gently delivered to you by hand. For potted-up, actively growing plants, $4.00 is added to each dahlia tuber purchase. 

Brick Hill Plant Lab | The Fine Print: For all of The Fine Print for the Brick Hill Plant Lab store, please review our guiding princliples and general rules here: [THE FINE PRINT]


Plant Lab Artist's Choice | Single Tuber

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