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Dahlia Tubers & Plants 2023 - 2024

The Brick Hill Plant Lab has a combined 35+ years experience in growing dahlias. The specimen collection has expanded annually, and we share the bounty of flowers, tubers, and the relationships they inspire with constituents across Baltimore. Since 2021, we are learning to expand our capacity to share dahlia tubers and plants with a larger audience. If you are local to the Baltimore area, we welcome collaboration and continued engagement throughout the season. We offer ongoing learning opportunities and custom technical assistance for all of your dahlia questions, concerns, and celebrations. In the Fall, we are available to help dig, divide, and store your dahlias. The Brick Hill Plant Lab is always questioning, researching, and learning, no matter what the season.

If you are far away and would like some of our tubers shipped to you, here is how it is gonna play out in 2023-2024: 

  1. You will send me a wishlist of what you want. You will only send me a wishlist if you acknowledge and understand that I am in grad school and commute and I will be slow getting everything together because finals happen at the same time that tuber planting and dividing happens in MD. It sucks. Trust me, it doesn't suck for any of y'all as much as it sucks for me.

  2. While I divide and pot up tubers on the weekends, I will keep adding things to your special wishlist package as your tubers come available. If I have a wishlist, I will prioritize the varieties wishlisted so you can have your wants as soon as possible.  

  3. When your wishlist is filled, I'll send you your tubers. This very likely may not be until early May. 

  4. I won't send anything out until you pay for it. Deposits will be required for unicorns. Otherwise, this is an honor system. If you are a jerk, that is not okay. Venmo, please.

If you are local and want to pick up potted up tubers, you win! We will be starting the great annual potting up adventure in mid-April/as soon as weather & schedule permits. All this other sharing-via-shipping craziness happens while I am potting up the tubers. We always do lots of extras.


To purchase dahlia tubers or potted-up, healthily growing dahlia plants for your growing season, please take a look here then send us an email at I will probably not get back to you right away, but I am glad that you emailed because it's the only way I will get back to you as soon as I possible can. You'll get an away message that links to a spreadsheet of what I have available - I'll do my best to keep it updated.

FOR ALL 2023-2024 SHIPPING SHARING/TRADING/SELLING : We are SLOW. We are accepting wishlists only and want to build what we send to you based on what you want and what we have in real time. This looks like you telling me what you're looking/hoping for, and as I go through digging and dividing, I make a special custom collection box for you. When it's full of what you want, I'll put it in the mail to you. 

Dahlia tubers and plants will remain available until stock or time runs out this season. For more details on policy and procedures, but to pick up the general vibe, please read our somewhat outdated The Fine Print.


Brick Hill Plant Lab | Dahlia Tubers & Plants Sale
2023 - 2024


To send me your wishlist, please email - To confront the culture of consumerism and workism, the Brick Hill Plant Lab will not take orders, but will do everything within reason to fulfill your wishlist. I also might not even respond to your wishlist right away. We move at the speed of life, and In MD, our growing/planting season for dahlias doesn't start until Mother's Day/early May. 

Wishlists for less than $50 will not be given priority.
Requests for only unicorns will be more or less straight up ignored. I can't even with the I only want Appleblossom or BQ TP. If you only want a unicorn, I'll default to assembling you an artist choice box (5 tubers) and send that your way with your unicorn at an additional $40.

List will be updated as often as possible. We start digging on or after Thanksgiving, so I'll know more of exactly what we have starting then. Shipping is based on current USPS flat-rate boxes with a slight increase for handling and packing materials (tubers shipped in vermiculite or peat unless other packing material is required for order. I honestly have found that in the last 4 years of sharing tubers via shipping, it's better for the tubers to use saved boxes for shipping that fit the order rather than try to jam things into flat USPS boxes and send with 2-day based on weight. Shipping isn't cheap or free, y'all, and it is a high-water mark of our civilized society that we have an integrated public postal system. I'll try to ship stuff to you as cheaply as possible, but it is what it is. Shipping starts at $20/3 tubers and increases based on USPS price. No less than 3 tubers or $50 total purchase price for shipped tubers.

Also, please make me an offer - I would rather send you a whole big box of tubers than have them rot or be sold per the suggested price. I am happy to accommodate, and it's also why I am slow and steady finding homes for things.

...over 60+ varieties of potted up growing dahlias will be available for local pickup & hand-delivery only in May/June from the Brick Hill Plant Lab | Please be in touch if you are local and looking for something we grow that is not available for shipping. Pickup will be in mid June, weather permitting.

Fall 2023
Apple Blossom 
Blackberry Ice
Bloomquist Dave
Bloomquist Tory P
Boom Boom White
Bracken Palomino
Bracken Rose
Bracken Sarah
Bride to Be
Camano Zoe
Castle Drive
Cornel Bronze
Crichton's Honey
Clearview Peachy
Coseytown Babycakes
Dark Butterfly
Day Dreamer
Diana's Memory
Dot Com
Foxy Lady
Frank Holmes
French Doll
Hee Haugh
Hillcrest Suffusion
HS First Love
Hugs & Kisses
Iced Tea
Jasmine Pearl
Jowey Winnie
KA's Mocha Jo
Koko Puff
Lark's Ebbe
Last Dance
Lauren Michelle
Lights Out
Maltby Pearl
Marionberry Milkshake
Megan Dean
Midnight Moon
Miss Amara
Narrow's Brett
Narrow's Pam
Narrows Ryder
Oreti Adele
Peaches N Cream
Pink Pearl
Pink Suffusion
Pretty Lady
Quiet Splendor
Robann Royal
Rock Run Ashley
Senior's Hope
Sheer Heaven
Sidehill Trishie
Silver Years
Skipley Spot of Gold
Small World
Snake Eyes
Snoho Doris
Snoho Sonia
Sweet Nathalie
Tahoma Kellie
Teesbrooke Audrey
Thomas Edison
Valley Tawny
White Alva
White Fawn
White Swan
Wine Eyed Jill
Wyn's New Pastel

Brick Hill Special
Brick Hill Mini-Sunset

Brick Hill 2023-Pink

*See gallery below for photos of our dahlias

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