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Dahlia Plants & Tubers

The Brick Hill Plant Lab has cultivated dahlias since 2014ish. The specimen collection has expanded annually, and we share the bounty of flowers, tubers, and the relationships they inspire with constituents across Baltimore. In 2021, we are expanding our capacity to share dahlia tubers and plants with a larger audience. If you are local to the Baltimore area, we welcome collaboration and continued engagement throughout the season. We offer ongoing learning opportunities and custom technical assistance for all of your dahlia questions, concerns, and celebrations. In the Fall, we are available to dig, divide, and store your dahlias. The Brick Hill Plant Lab is always questioning, researching, and learning about dahlias, no matter what the season.

To purchase dahlia tubers or potted-up, healthily growing dahlia plants for your 2021 growing season, please take a look here or send us an email at If you're not near Baltimore, we look forward to sending tubers to you by mail.

Dahlia tubers and plants will remain on sale and available until stock or time runs out this season. For more details on policy and procedures, please read The Fine Print.


Brick Hill Plant Lab | Dahlia Tubers & Plants Sale 2021

Apple Blossom SOLD OUT?
Break Out
Camano Zoe
HS First Love SOLD OUT
Jasmine Pearl
Odyssey SOLD OUT
Rock Run Ashley
Small World SOLD OUT
...over 60+ potted up growing dahlias available for local pickup only | please be in touch if you are local and looking for something we grow
20 May 2021:
Apple Blossom* (hold for pending)
Bracken Sarah *(hold for pending)
Break Out
Bride To Be
Camano Zoe 
Crichton Honey
Rock Run Ashley
Sheer Heaven
Silver Years
Snake Eyes
Snow Cap
Sweet Nathalie
White Alva
White Fawn
Wyn's New Pastel
Tubers Available for shipping
- Tentative list

Quantities available are extremely limited
20 May 2021:
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