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Brick Hill Plant Lab Plants, Starts, & Seeds
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Brick Hill Plant Lab | Plants & Starts Swap & Sale 2021

The Brick Hill Plant Lab learns by experimentation. Seed starting is part of our studio practice, as we literally grow our materials from the ground up, investigating and participating in every part of materials life-cycle. Every year, we share these experiments with the constituents of the plant lab. Constantly changing, our availability is in flux. To purchase or trade plants, starts, cuttings, or seeds, please take a look at our On-going Experiments.

To purchase dahlia tubers or potted-up, healthily growing dahlia plants for your 2021 growing season, please visit our Dahlia Tubers & Plants page or send us an email at

Plants and starts will remain on sale and available until stock or time runs out this season. For more details on policy and procedures, please read The Fine Print.

Brick Hill Plant Lab | Plants, Seeds, & Starts Sale 2021

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