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Transactions & Sales

The Brick Hill Plant Lab tends to each unique sale individually to best meet your needs and the needs of the plants. To place an order, coordinate your purchase, donation, or payment via Venmo or Paypal, and for shipping, pick-up, or local hand-delivery, thank you for emailing


We believe and value the cultivation of relationships. At the Brick Hill Plant Lab, all transactions are participation in art, research, and activism.


Shipping is via USPS Priority Flat Rate.

1-4 Tubers | Small Flat-Rate Box $10.00
5-16 Tubers | Medium Flat Rate Box $17.00

16+ Tubers | Large Flat Rate Box $23.00


Payment & Donations

We accept Paypal and Venmo. We also trade, barter, swap, and share. The Brick Hill Plant Labs seeks to dispel the myth of scarcity - everyone has value, and has something to contribute. 


Dahlia Tuber Pricing & Product

The Brick Hill Plant Lab is tentative in dividing. Our dahlias therefore are not usually chopped down to single tubers. You'll most likely be receiving a section of a clump if you purchase an "individual" tuber. Plants are art. Art is work. Work has value. We also do our research, and track tuber prices throughout the year via multiple venues, including Dahlia Addict. If you have thoughts or questions about our pricing that you would like to share, or feel our pricing is prohibitive to your ability to experience our offerings, please send a note to 


Returns & Exchanges

The Brick Hill Plant Lab prioritizes process, curiosity, and experimentation. All interactions are participation. By participating in this experiment, constituents acknowledge that risk exists, accept that risk, and try again.


Plants by Request

If you're looking for something, maybe we can help you find it or grow it for you. Everything is an experiment. If it's something we have grown in the past, we can probably grow it for you again. 


Dahlia Tuber & Plant Availability

Some of the varieties available in our Complete List may be available for local pickup as potted up plants, even if they are not available as individual dahlia listings here.  The Brick Hill Plant Lab monitors our dahlias closely, and tracks inventory and availability in real time. Please contact for up-to-date, customized information.

If you are local to the Baltimore area, I pot up Brick Hill Plant Lab dahlias early to get a head-start on the growing season. These potted-up healthily growing plants will be ready for your pickup or gently delivered to you by hand. For potted-up, actively growing plants, $4.00 is added to each dahlia tuber purchase. 

Brick Hill Plant Lab | The Fine Print: For all of The Fine Print for the Brick Hill Plant Lab store, please review our guiding princliples and general rules here: [THE FINE PRINT]


Brick Hill Plant Lab | Dahlia Purchase Info

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